Get to know me

Hi Beautiful, I’m a Mother by day and a zombie by night. and this is my blog. I live in Canada, Alberta.

here are my loves – i love spending time with my family, i love coffee and fuzzy socks those are my weaknesses. i love long walks, i love sunsets, thunderstorms, home cooked meals. i enjoy cleaning it relaxes me there’s nothing like the satisfaction of a nice clean home to lounge in. i love organizing, i love folding laundry. i love when my kids come and hug me and tell me i’m the best for the littlest things. i love when my husband brings me home food and i don’t even have to ask. yes i am a big foodie lover, i am also a sucker for chocolate. i love the little things in life. what are some of your loves and likes. comment below 🙂

Here are my dislikes – i absolutely dislike spiders and things creepy crawlies, i dislike waking up in the morning, i dislike hot spicy foods. i dislike uncooked onions. i dislike soggy tomatoes, i dislike having to wash laundry or put it away.

My family is my biggest achievement, i have a loving fiance of 6 years going on 7 it feels alot longer. he is my rock he has been the most amazing supportive person in my life. he showed me more in the 7 years we’ve been together more love than ive been shown in my all 26 years of life. i had a pretty rough childhood growing up but ive over come that and bettered myself, and made a life formyself. i got pregnant at 15, i have 3 wonderful children i will introduce them to you. Addison (goes by Addy) is 9 years old born in december my little ice queen. she loves animals and drawing , singing, she loves to learn, she loves astronomy, and space. she absolutely adores her brothers and prays and always asks for a sister. she reminds me alot of myself at her age and all i want is for her to have the best life i can give her. she is a amazing kid so full of love and adventure. she is a picky eater and has her own style

Family Is Everything

Ohanna Means Family