Where you should buy in Canada, & Why

Where You Should Buy in Canada and Why

If you’re thinking about buying Canadian real estate, seeking that ideal new place to call home, location is obviously the most critical part of the decision. After all, there’s a reason they say, “location, location, location.” No matter how wonderful a house is, the location is something you can’t change. You might need to consider commute times, the schools, access to hospitals, entertainment, green spaces and more, not to mention affordability. 

Currently, these are some of the top spots to consider.

Brantford, Ontario

Brantford is not only a great place to invest, with a high demand for rental properties, but it’s a great place to call home thanks to its thriving economy, the academic scene, and low unemployment. And, if you like Nutella, this is the city that hosts the World Nutella Day. It has a vibrant culture and strong sense of community, with hundreds of festivals and events held here annually like the popular Canada Day Celebration and Frosty Fest too. It’s become a hub for industry and has invested heavily in its infrastructure as well.

Toronto, Ontario

Real estate in Toronto is pricey but it can still be an excellent long-term investment while being a fantastic place to call home. It attracts many businesses, students and immigrants every year which means lots of new arrivals are looking to rent. If you’re looking to buy a house to live in yourself, you’ll have access to one of the most outstanding, diverse culinary scenes on the planet with some 7,500 restaurants across the city serving up delicious foods from all over the world.

Victoria, British Columbia

While the capital city of British Columbia is home to some very expensive real estate, prices are beginning to cool, and it also offers a very high quality of life and good weather. With the current reprieve from rising rates, now could be an ideal time to buy while rates are low and prices are stagnant. The Rockheights neighborhood is just 10 minutes from downtown and homes here are selling for about 15% less, on average. Plus they’re on larger lots with many sitting higher up for fabulous views of the city and the water. 

Sherbrooke, Quebec

If you’re looking to buy in a place where property is very affordable but will definitely be increasing in value, Sherbrooke may be your very best bet. This university city continuously has lots of people looking to rent and for those who want to live here, the universities offer lots of jobs. You’ll also need to consider that 90% of the population here speaks French, so learning the language is really a necessity if this is where you decide to make your move.

East Hamilton, Ontario

The west end of Hamilton has long been a place popular among investors thanks to its proximity to hospitals and the university. The east end is primarily residential, a diverse immigration hub that makes it popular for starter homes, with more and more families heading this way to enjoy the affordability, a greater number of parks and larger yards. There are many new restaurants and shops moving into storefronts that were sitting empty just a couple of years ago. Now is the right time to catch it before prices increase.