#Cannabis & Parenting do they MiX

Parenthood & Cannabis supporter and I am a proud.

My name is Tomi Marie Living in Alberta, Canada with my family!  I’m working from home & while being a full time stay at home mom and it sure is not easy, but Me my soon to be husband Kyle,  Together we are a pretty freaking awesome team! We have been  happily engaged for almost 6 years, have known each other since junior high-high school.

 We have 3 beautiful children and 2 dogs. You could say it gets a bit chaotic around here!! But My Fiance and I were in this for the long ride, We do our very best to make the environment as safe, loving, & stress free as possible.

That is all you can do & your doing an amazing job!

I would say that this is the most asked for blog topic on my socials, I’m very open about Cannabis & the whys, how and when of all things cannabis and parenting. Here is where I talk about all the raw and realness when we as parents self medicate.

Whether it be for medical reasons personal reasons or you simply hate all the medications that are truly bad and addictive for you, With ingredients you can barely pronounce with side effects that could affect your motor function eyesight and countless other mobilities. I’ll tell you that is a huge NO for me! 

It is Truly important for us parents to find Balance 

 How we as parents can find relief safely in consuming Cannabis & dealing with everyday life.

Smoking a Joint is no different than Pouring that glass of wine or Lighting up that ciggarette, and you shouldn’t have to feel that guilt or judgement when the need to reward or better your situation occurs. It’s no different than Just simply taking your medication for pain, anxiety, And just for some good old relief.  





I’ll jump right into the most asked and talked about is WHEN?

At night when the kids are sound asleep in bed, Those long nights after all the duties are done for the day and you know you’re done for the night.  Is there really a certain time for anything?

Whenever I feel the need to I will. I’m only being honest 


How do I keep my cannabis discreet?

 My husband purchased a Safe, Locked by code & smell proof stash Bag! By Stashlogix Genius, right!

I simply lock it all safe and sound away from anyone but me and my husband.


Now the WHY?

  1. There are many reasons I’ve already listed a few, Which leads me to the other benefits to Cannabis.
  2. The many happy, calm joyful memories I’ve had in my 26 years of living, most of those spent with loved ones, Friends who also were positive believers of cannabis.
  3. The positive up lighting energy and whole different perspective on life, On thinking, on your actions. This is all so important and one of the many reasons i choose to be a #SayYesToCannabis Believer!
  4. The amazing benefits and effects it has on our bodies and minds.

For me, I also love the energy it gives you and that push of motivation to get SHIT done!

 I love to clean and organize!! I am a clean freak if I am upset I clean if I’m not wanting to stress I clean & Let me tell you even when I am stressed I clean! It’s an endless and vicious cycle! But surprisingly, It relaxes me and stresses me out when it is not clean or organized! I will tell you that I love the satisfaction of cleaning a well played in a play room or a happy Sunday kitchen brunch mess it’s what I do! And I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy every minute of it.


I would lie if I said, sometimes I wish I could get 1 hour to myself with pure relaxation and I really do try to schedule in that 1 hour or at least 20 mins to myself to just relax and have some much needed me time cause lets be real we are in charge of other peoples lives!!! You’re in charge of what they eat, they drink how they behave, how they learn their hygiene their sleep. You are raising little people and that work is hard and you deserve much needed # because its OKAY to have that little time to just recharge and give those always running brains a break! You can not pour from an empty pot.

I am not saying that cannabis shuts the brain down, but it allows you to just relax and breathe for a few minutes and get into that zone where you can just let go and clear the mind. Cannabis does wonders for me whether it is to help me sleep, Get through those insanely painful migraines or the joyful yet other things we cannot control but have to endure menstruation!!! 

 I also mentioned before, I suffer from insomnia

  (I may or may not be up at 2AM, writing this in my closet, cuddled up with a fuzzy blanket while my husband and 2 year old sleep 10 feet from me all while trying to be as quiet as possible while typing on my laptop & enjoying every moment of it! Mom time!!!

 I also may or may have smoked prior to this so and could be talking to much!  I’m hoping most of you all have continued to read this far!)

 My insomnia started as a young kid due to traumatic events, Still working through them. It’s not as bad now, but it does keep me awake at some nightsLike tonight! I try my best to manage it, I also suffer from pains in my legs and back, I’ve had 3 kids some things are bound to give out and not work properly… I was also in a few car accidents at a very young age and in my teen years.

I choose to be very open about my Cannabis consumption and why I consume. I am a huge supporter and I love spreading awareness and my personal information And that’s what this is, Just my personal information and experience.

Everyone has their own opinions on it. Mine however is super positive and I love to spread awareness and its just a great positive thing, I get people coming to me all the time asking me for advice on cannabis, the best strains, the best tools, the best in all things cannabis. 

Now that we have talked about the many ways cannabis has helped me and my husband positively other than keeping our stress to a minimum, if you know me you would know my stress levels are sky rocketed. And not only does it help manage anxiety it helps us have a better mindset and be more positive it helps you think before you act and speak. It helps you as a person to be more attentive and patient with yourself and others. It keeps you motivated and on top of your game. And I am really going to love my sleep tonight cause it really gives me that ability to have a good night’s sleep so I can start my day happy and positive.

Cannabis is trending not only for its beneficial benefits to managing illness, but it is also helping many people be better, Feel better and best part is its natural ways of bringing people together in a whole new way.

Just like it brought you here so Thank you so much for taking the time to sit with me and get to know the WHY’s We mix parenting and cannabis.

 I have met so many amazing people that smoke cannabis daily and it’s so nice to have a community to share your thoughts with and not be afraid of what someone will say because Your just living your life to be happy the way you want to! I say now is the time and if you would like to join me on my journey go to my socials they will be linked at the top and bottom of this page, Jump on this positive, peaceful progressing plane!!!!

 We are taking off BABY!!

 And let me say I am just getting Started I have so many plans to spread awareness and positivity in this Cannabis Community!


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