Holidays and Grease fire safety! #safetyfirst

Did you know that most kitchen fires are grease fires & are on holidays, family gatherings busy times and always happen at night. Do you know what to do if your cooking oil catches fire? I didnt!!!

I recently had the worst experience with a grease fire!!! Thank god it was not worse than it was. Heres my story & what i learned from this horrific traumatizing experience! And some tips on how to handle if this ever happens to you i pray that it does not! But i hope you read and educate on fire safety!

It could have been worse.

I was only trying to make some deep fried fries i turned on the stove and started to heat up the oil and i must have heated the oil to quick or the water from the fries started the flames. Whatever it was it was the most traumatic thing ive been through this year.

I had to act quickly!!! There were flames and they were only growing bigger and spreading the sounds of the fire alarm the dogs barking and my son yelling mom!! I know i could put out the fire before it got to big.

The fire has spread to the metal plate under the microwave above the stove! I played out some scenarios in my head and the only thing to do was try to evacuate the fire outside.(bad idea btw but this quick idea saved my house from going up in flames)!! So i opened the patio door which is not far from my stove and i had my oven mits grabbed the pot and while getting burnt multiple times already i went to throw the pot out the door and a gust of wind blew right in blowing the hot flames into my face!!! I threw the pot onto the deck and quickly ran to the stove, I am panicking and my face hurts at this point but i put out the fire on the stove! Fire alarm is still blarring i open my front door and grab my coat from my stairwell and start waving it to make the noise stop. Finally the alarm is off. I know they make them annoying and loud for a reason. And i am glad!

I opened every window in the house. Let me remind you its already snowed atleast a foot of snow and its so cold and windy out. Its 6 at night But there was smoke throughout my house i turned up the heat and once i knew that everything was okay i grabbed my baby and held him and took him upstairs to his sisters room. The only room that didnt wreak of smoke, we stayed in there until the smoke cleared. As i held my baby crying i prayed and prayed and cried because i had no idea what to do in that moment but i am so freaking grateful that it wasnt worse than it was! As a mother in this state all i thought is that everything is okay were okay. I admit i felt like a total failure for having that happen in the first place but fires happen bad things happen.

A few minor second degree burns on my face and arms a lot of baby hairs that were super annoying poof gone….. but the blessing here is i still have a roof over my head my family is safe and To me that is a freaking miracle i would say!!!

Picture doesnt show how red my chest and face was. I look traumatized:'(

My first thought before i threw out the pot that was on fire was fuck if this had gone badly i have no clue where my bag is with my keys and wallet i dont know where my phone is usually i have my phone in my hand pr close by but i was cooking and i did not see it anywhere! (Khalil had it) I dont have a incase of a emergency bag with all the important stuff close by! And also i thought shit i didn’t moisturize my face today! Its going to suck not being able to do a face mask or put any products on my face! It was awful I could smell burnt hair and burnt skin and i knew that it was going to hurt later i felt no pain and i never experienced a time where i was so high on adrenaline that i could not feel pain. (Except labour) I knew that i needed to do what ever it took to put that fire out for the safety of my family!

Why is it such a ugly shape

Here are some tips to stop or avoid this from ever happening! And a couple links to an article and videos i watched & read on the night it happened to educate myself on grease fires. So this will NEVER happen again. I have not been cooking on the stove since. Still shook!!!!

  • Always keep a lid by the stove– when cooking to avoid a fire starting. Smother the fire!!
  • I should add to invest in a metal lid! (All i had were glass lids!) -Glass lids will shatter at high heat temperatures. That i knew!!
  • Heat oil slowly – Always cook on low or medium heat when heating grease.
  • No water Make sure what your deep frying are 100% dry.
  • Salt & baking soda – puts out fires Always keep salt by the stove and stocked up!!! Never use water!!!!!
  • Dont try to move the fire – They say to not move the fire from its location(oops). I did what i had to!
  • Please note – If moving fire think about how worse it would get!
  • Clean Clean- your stove properly and use non flammable cleaners.
  • Clean your vents above stove atleast once a month!
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher
  • Get your family and get out! – call 911 and get out If fire is not manageable you need to GET OUT!
  • Be prepared -have a just in case bag in the car or by the door that is easy accessable with jackets clothes and necessities.
  • Fire saftey – Always check your fire alarms to make sure they work!

Helpful tips on fire safty! I am not a trained fire fighter. Just sharing my experience and what i learned.

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4 Responses to “Holidays and Grease fire safety! #safetyfirst”

  1. Omg girl I am so glad you and your family are okay! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness just reading this out such a vivid picture in my head I can’t even imagine the panic, then on top of that the pain you must of went through and the healing process. You poor thing. Thank you for sharing such a tough thing to talk about , and providing light on a subject no one really talks about and providing informative safety precautions. This was a great read .

  3. Oh my heck I’m so insanely grateful you’re okay! You’re right this could have been so much worse, but I’m so glad I can learn from you! I am for sure going to be investing in a metal lid and extra baking soda just in case!!

  4. So scary mama!! So many great tips, I never knew salt put out fires? So glad that you and your family are safe. I will definitely be putting ‘just in case bag’ by our back door, especially with this cold weather coming!