Halloween prep for 2020

First of i just wanna say Happy Halloween and i wanna applaud all you parents grandparents aunts uncles whoever you are that is making some little humans night by dressing up and taking them out trick er treating. or just making their day special! Because let me tell ya its hard work!!

Now the good stuff!! Plan ahead i dont mean buy costumes right now i mean make sure your costumes are bought atleast a month or in advance! make sure everything fits and make sure you can dress accordingly cause weather changes so quick! it was sunnyish and not cold when we woke up and here came noon it was raining windy and probably snowing too! so either buy and think of these facotrs or make them yourself if your crafty! 🙂 dont wait until the day of like i did today because we had so much going on that it just didnt get done until noon today and today is HALLOWEEN! lol but we managed to find something last minute. and Waaaaaay over priced!!! and some things were just not made properly like i would love to see whoever made the mask for the costume and walk around in the dark with this mask! and than go out and charge a ridiculas price for it and call it a win!

Its a trick!!!

now sizing is a factor played i had bought a medium because well im a medium and it was a small i swear cause it ripped in the back thank god! but it was tiny and i was not about to run back and return it so i took it as is. and the mask was just a NO there was no seeing or even breathing in that thing!!! so umcomfortable and not at all safe to be walking the streets trick er treating at night! anyone else experience this at all when buying a costume?

Last years costume ?2k18

Theres so much to love about halloween and its traditions i remember as a kid it was all about being able to dress up as your favorite disney princess or action figure, it most definitely was about the loads of candies you get as well and the experience of going around to the neighborhood asking for sugar candies or whatever! i think i wanna buy bulk tooth paste next year and give out coffees to the parents who spend hours walking in the cold with their kids to trick er treat! and also cause candies are just horrible for your teeth (im obsessed with dental hygene) they are super delicious i may be eating a reeses peanut butter cup as i am typing this… and i think a few days out of the whole year is okay for me and my family to have a splurge of candies and sweets, i would love to know what you handed out for candies we did lollipops and the traditional chocolate bars it was last minute shopping and these were on sale.

the weather is always a must to consider we had a crazy day of mixed weather! but we had fun and made the best of it. we had a few tantrums but we had alot of wins as well i would call it a successful day and one for the books! i will definitely be planning ahead and doing things alot differently to have a less stressful day.

Make sure you connect your blue tooth to your tripod ?
  1. Plan ahead
  2. Prepare for weather changes
  3. remember to drink water!
  4. prep dinner/lunch/breakfast the night before.
  5. make sure costumes fit.
  6. make sure toddler naps for more than a hour and that tricker treaters dont wake him during his nap!
  7. make sure to buy a yummy baked goods scented candle it was a hit!
  8. have a easy to access side walk.
  9. dont missplace the decorations from last year. lol (this is a reminder to myself haha)
  10. dont forget to breathe!

i would love to know your national halloween day traditions and what you do in order to prepare for the hectic day and busyness.

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  1. Props to you for dressing up I always just dress the boys up!! Hahaa but you’re fam looks adorable!!