How I Went from 600 followers to 27,000!

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Do you ever feel like a needle in a hay stack? just trying to find a way into the influencer world we are in today? its not as easy as it looks, its definitely not what everyone makes it out to be. its a whole lot of work and it takes a lot of time and patience. But success doesn’t happen over night and if you REALLY want this i am here to help you and guide you in the right direction! just keep reading there’s some goodies at the END!

I started influencing a few months ago not knowing what it could do for me i didn’t even realize what a influencer was or how to become one it just fell into my lap one day. i thought hey i could do this as a side hustle, and i began to love it and have a passion for it, and that’s what makes it so much fun none of it feels like work to me, it’s more of a passion! i do it because i love connecting with people it has brought me out of my shell, it has opened a whole new perspective for me! i am truly grateful for the amazing technology that we have today! because i wouldnt have had the chance to meet all the many woman i have come across on this amazing journey (YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE). i have grown to find what works for me and what i can do to help others who have been struggling like i was.

I will admit that when i first started i had no idea what to do i researched night & day! i watched thousands of you tube videos, && all saying the same thing!!! i reached out to other influencers and got nothing! noone was willing to share or give me any advice. i was on my own!

Woman supporting woman ♡

here are the lies that people will tell you when you are starting out!

  1. it will take your years to do this line of work – NO!!! not true i admit it takes time and alot of work but its honestly like riding a bike once you get the hang of it your flying down that hill at warp speed and noone can stop you or slow you down!!

2. you need a big following – NOPE!!!! i started out with 1k and in less than a year i grew my following to 10k and its still growing! i got my first collaboration at 1500 followers! trust me its possible! i know people who have less and are doing amazing! honestly i am glad i didn’t listen to all those people who said that it would take years to get started otherwise i wouldn’t be where i am today! you have to start somewhere!

3. follow macrobe influencers – NO! why you may ask? well its simple it’s a different climate time as when they started and what has worked for them may not work for you now. its alot easier to find a balance and a good fan base

4. its much harder to make money as a fresh influencer!! FALSE! paying for a huge following is not what brands do anymore. its all about ENGAGEMENT!!! brands want to pay for results not your followers!

Social platforms out there!

  • Social fabric – Website
  • Activate – website
  • She media –
  • Acorn influence
  • Izea – website
  • Aspire IQ – website
  • Mavrk – website
  • Everywhere society (everywhereagency) – website
  • Popular pays – website
  • Massive sway – website
  • pollinate media – website
  • The shelf network – website
  • Tap influence – website
  • Linqia – website
  • Mom it forward – website
  • Cohley – website
  • Mom trends – website
  • PTPA media – website
  • RealClever – website
  • Collectively – website
  • Musefind – website
  • Takumi – Website/app
  • Socialix – website
  • Tapinfluence – website
  • Megaphone –
  • Massfluencer – website
  • Apexdrop – website
  • collabor8 -app
  • Trend – app
  • Heartbeat – app
  • Famebit (youtube) – website
  • Hashtag paid – website
  • Obviously –
  • tomoson – website
  • ahalogy – wesite
  • best buy influencer network – website
  • whalar – website
  • exposely / crunchbase – website
  • Brandfit – website
  • showmd – website

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  1. This is such great advice, I love this post you will keep doing great things!

  2. This is such a insightful blog. Thank you so much for sharing this. Love your blog