World mental health day October 08 ♡ #Itsokay your not alone?‍♀️

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Every day i have to over come my anxiety and push through the crippling process that comes with mental illness. People are so afraid to use the word illness this is a topic i want to talk about because it gets overlooked so much! Everyday millions of people suffer from mental illness lets talk and support one another to know its okay.

One of the daily struggles i suffer with is anxiety and one of my main triggers is learning to drive and drive myself. I have been in a handful of motor vehicle accidents my first was before i was even a year old and im so truly blessed to be healthy and alive. Ive had a few that were pretty bad but im so thankful i am here today to tell my story! But i will forever carry that in my life, those traumas will forever be apart of me. They dont define me

That weight on i feel on chest every single time i get behind the wheel and as hard as it is i push through and try my very best to keep it all together, i will admit each day is getting better some days better than others but the main thing is i am trying, because i wont let that fear control me anymore. Each day that i take a step to overcomming my anxiety is one step closer to that feeling of relief and the feeling of breathing freely and without worry. im taking my time & i am doing the best i can. And thats okay

I want to be able to just get in my vehicle and go whenever i want and not have that nauseous sick feeling in my stomach and that feeling of not being able to breathe because that feeling of fear & worry is over so powering sometimes they win and most of the time i win! Dont let that fear take over! take a moment and breathe even if you just sit there and breathe for how ever long you need it helps, focus on 3 things in the room around you and give those 3 things purpose in your life. Once focusing on those 3 things remember to breathe and remember why your strong and remember that you have a purpose♡

As i sit here writing this to ALL of you reading i am overcoming my illness by just sharing and talking about it. Talking helps more than you know! Talking is the best medicine and just by saying those words out loud is freeing in a way! You will no longer control me i am taking over! Those words i am taking control have so much power when said and when you say those words you than believe i can do this, and its okay if i dont make it out of the driveway today its okay i stepped out that door and i did the best i can. I drove around the block i did the best i can! I drove to the grocery store, i did the very best i could! and that is enough! You are enough!

My reality ♡ my chaotic life
P.s this was not planned!
Khalil threw a pink ball pit ball at my face and this sums up my life and i wouldnt change a thing!

& if your motovation and strength comes from your motherhood senses and if that is what gets you out of bed in the morning thats the best reason to keep pushing! your littles and your loved ones and i are here for you! Honestly being a mom has been one of my most challanging experiences and has been my main sourse of anxiety but its also my biggest achievement and most rewarding job. Sometimes all you need to hear is Mama your doing an amazing job!

im always here to talk because mama we have little people depending on you to be okay ♡ but its also okay to not be okay too ♡

In all reality we are all doing the best we can and at the pace we can. Progress is little steps♡

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  1. Oh my goodness I love this post so much. Honestly. People think they need to have it all together all the time, but all that does is build up a rough and tough exterior that doesn’t need to exist! You are enough! We are enough! We as mamas need to be soft and nurturing and not let our mental illness deflate our emotional tank! I love you mama!