The love story that lasts forever ♡

Happy 5 year Anniversary My love
Kyle & Tomi

He proposed!!! September 4th 09/04/14♡

I had no freaking idea! September 3rd we decided to take a gateway trip for kyles 23rd birthday to kyles uncles and than drive to Vancouver for the week/weekend. He planned this all and i had no idea. I thought this was just a trip to vancouver little did i know my life would change forever ♡

On route to vancouver pit stop at uncle verns him fun fact vern & kyle share the same birthday! Packed up the gang && were ready to hit the road, It was me kyle (my fiance) and his 2 friends. We talked we played music stopped for food gas and blazed along the way! I remember him being super nervous and anxious and now i know why!!

It was a perfect getaway and a great way to start our adventure little did i know my life would change forever! ♡ Let me remind you that everyone in the car knew what was really going on but me. So prior to this kyle and his uncle had a secret conversation on the phone… continue reading to find out what that phone call was about.

We arrive at uncle verns around 11pm ish we say our hellos and give our hugs! Get all settled in and as im talking and probably on my phone kyle and vern go off to the back room never thought anything of it. they come back all chalant. Me and kyle go out for a toke ( he must have been a nervous wreck by this point). We smoke and talk not once does he give anything away! He is so good at this stuff! We go back in and i notice cake i dont remember who brought cake i think we bought it lol but there was cake( i know what your thinking).. so we come back in….

i remember kyle walking towards the kitchen i followed him he turns around gets down on 1 knee and held out a white box!!!!! At this point i am shaking and cant even breathe! He opens the box and he is so calm and collective and says ‘Tomi marie willier… haha he was looking at his bestfriend sitting behind me p.s thats his friends lastname and he corrects himself ???Tomi marie yellowface will you marry me? ? its like out of a movie! ♡♡

Even As im standing in the spotlight i didnt hesitate for a second to say YES! Of course i will marry you! Not only is He is my true love but my best friend my strength my safe place and not to mention hes sexy asf ? one of a kind ?. I couldnt believe it i was engaged he proposed on his birthday and the whole reason behind it is so romantic and so cute! He proposed on his birthday so i couldnt say no to him! ??? like could he be anymore perfect!!! And also so he would never forget and we could forever share the day he was born p.s also now the day he became a engaged man! Locked that boy down!!! Wooo

So your probably wondering about the phone call he called his uncle to get one of his late grandmas rings to propose with!!! ❤ He was really close with her she raised him and his brother♡ but honestly for him to ask for one of her rings ??? she raised him right ♡♡ i absolutely adore that ring && i just cant believe he planned it all himself and i can not believe how freaking lucky i am to have landed this truly amazing spectacular guy ♡

We slept in a camper that night and i was way to excited and happy to sleep but we slept as a newly engaged couple cuddled up our sleep was short but sweet & i was over the moon! We cuddled like we never cuddled before cause lets be real alberta is freezing in september! Honestly i loved every minute of it! We woke at 5 or 6 to start our day driving to Vancouver.. our trip was great! We took a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria island but i can say we stayed in a hostel!!! Never again we were literally blocks away from hastings st. Ill save that for another blog post hope you enjoyed reading our proposal ♡

Are you married or engaged?

7 Responses to “The love story that lasts forever ♡”

  1. The grandmas ring is what really made me cry. If that isn’t the sweetest thing I have ever read I don’t know what is. You have such a good man Tomi. And you deserve it ❤️

  2. I love this. And I love your love! It’s the sweetest. Congratulations!!!

  3. *cue tears*
    What a beautiful story of your guys’ engagement! You are one truly lucky lady and he’s one hell of a lucky man too! Such an adorable couple and I’m so happy for you two! ♥️

  4. Omg that’s a beautiful story to have asked his own grandma for a ring is beautiful that ring will be in the family for generations so adorable

  5. Oh my gosh. What a sweet story ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Congrats Tami ! Just from these past few weeks I’ve got to connect with you , you seem like one of the sweetest ever and no doubt you deserve to be ringed up girl! Cant wait to see and read on the rest of your journey!!!