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Here you will find My skin care favorites my skin care must haves!! and what i recommend and what works for my skin. 

Skin care for dry to combination skin

Combination – Dry Skin

  • Usually Dry  on the cheeks and for head but oily in the T-zone 

  • Enlarged pores (usually on the nose area)

  • Feels tight in the morning

  • May have rough or flaky patches

  • Dull appearance 


We Will

Finally found my Perfect Skin care

What is your Skin care like?

your skin is yours

Honey you are beautiful in your skin you are beautiful within

, do you practice self love? do you self care atleast once a week. 

I’m nicer when my skin looks good 


But First Wash Your face

Taking Care of your skin is more important than covering it up


Be Good To your skin You’ll Wear it every single day for the rest of your life

You are Beautiful

Get Your Perfect skin

Embrace Your Inner Beauty